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Our adult group at Flat Creek nurtures many of the elders, deacons, parents, and ministers that serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We study the infallible Word by going through lesson material such as "Explore the Bible," while challenging members to take their learned knowledge and build on it and apply it to their lives every day. You will see the members of the adult group teaching, and helping the younger believers to know our Savior and His message in the church's other classrooms and activities. Typical ages for those that study with the adult group is about 35 and up, but any are welcome to attend!

The Crusaders Class, taught by Gordon Dawson and Mike Rudder, is held on Sunday mornings at 9:45.

Adult Choir sings on Sunday mornings during service and practices on Wednesday nights, directed by Mike Rudder.

Many adult men become a Deacon to serve and lead the church in Christ.

Many adult women serve in the Baptist Women On Missions group.

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