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Discovery Class

We currently meet on the bottom floor of Flat Creek Baptist Church on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. Come to know the Lord with us, and bring the only life book you will ever truly need, your Bible!

We welcome all people directly out of high school and up. The church's youth members graduate to our college and career class to extend their knowledge alongside people who are in missions, in the workforce, being educated, and serving our Lord in everything they do. The College and Career Class member is usually between the ages of 18 through the late 20s.

About the Teacher

Matt Fisher is a Liberty University graduate with a passion to serve Christ Jesus in our community and wherever the Lord may lead. You can expect going through the scriptures in succession to understand just what the Bible says, and why God had the writers record the words therein. The Holy Spirit is the true teacher in Flat Creek, and the best way to learn is to be under the instruction of those appointed by God and used by the Spirit to teach. 


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